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Calla welcomed the discontinuation of investigations into uranium in Vysocina.

Uran Limited, an Australian company, represented in the czech republic by Timex Zdice, put forward a proposal to prospect for uranium in the region of Polná and Jamná in the Jihlava region. The Ministry of  Environment did not consent to their request. This decision  pleased villages in the area who were against the proposal. Calla had  also sent in their disagreement with the proposal to Ministry of Environment.

The reason for the rejection, is variance with the governments policy of raw materials, which outlines the finalization of mining Uranium in the Czech republic. There is  enough data from investigations made in past decades to support the rejection. In the  surrounding area  of Polná, Jamná and Brzkov-west investigations into uranium ore were under way between 1976 - 1990.  During these years in an area of 220 km2, 1641 bore holes were drilled, 584 probes made and  560 ditches dug with total length of 59 204 m. The potential places were further investigated by up to 223 bore holes. This geological research resulted in extensive debris with negative impact.

Prospecting for uranium, causes irreversible interference to nature and ecosystems. It is connected with the production of large amounts radioactive and other toxic waste. The disposal of the waste is dangerous for the current inhabitants of the area, and for several future generations. Over the course of time it can be  problematic to determine the amount of interference caused by uranium mining.

Our last uranium mine is in the area of the village Dolní Rožínka. The cost of saving the concerned area and restoring the landscape will be  5,2 billion czech koruns by the year 2021. The total costs by the year 2040 for saving habitats destroyed by investigations into and mining of uranium will exceed 53 billion. It also has to be said that all these costs will  have to be met with money that comes from the public sector.

"It was shown that the uranium mine state company DIAMO does not have savings fund for clean up operations (directed by law) even though they continue with mining."  supplied Hana Gabrielova from Calla association, which is participant of the previously mentioned proceedings.

Hana Gabrielová, Calla

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