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Calla has started new project about climate change in Czech Republic

To further educate about the environment the website was started.

They aim to acquire the support of a wide range of groups, individuals and also of the public. This is important for preventing climate change in Czech republic. On this website people who are interested  can find  basic information about the causes, effects and implications of global climate change. There are additional links to scientific research, reports from the intergovernmental board for the prevention of climate change, presentations by experts and other informational materials.

Part of this website is oriented towards the average consumer, with useful advise and recommendations. They are urged to decrease harmful emissions for example when building a new house or buying electric appliances. Furthermore there are suggestions on how they can decrease their carbon footprint. There are photo and  press report archives, a newsletter that you can sign up to and a climate blog. These features are useful for journalists as well as other people.

"We want our politicians to pass a new law, that states obligatory targets for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in the Czech republic and whole of the European union. For this we need the support of the public," said Hana Gabrielová, who represents the Calla association, revealing the future plans of environmental nongovernmental organizations.

The creation and maintenance of the website is part of project supported by Heinrich-Böll-Stifung.

Hana Gabrielová, Calla

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